Improved Version 2 Fg to Fgx Gauge Holders Released

Introducing version 2 of our fg to fgx gauge holders. Over the past 6 months I have invested alot into machinery and time revising our stingray gauge holders radio holders to the nth degree.

The improvements small but critical to widen the bottom for a neater visual appearance . We also spent hundreds of hours with about 25 iccs so the holder sat even more snug under the icc. Minor improvement in angles means that the holder actually sits more firmer into place than ever before. We eliminated the bottom bend by request of many of our b2b customers providies an even neater clean cut along the bottom.

Additionally instructions are being simplified with additional information on common questions to make you and your car look like a boss.

Lastly allow me to reiterate that if you have any questions that you do not understand then call us. Then we can clear the air and make life easier for you thats what we love to do…take care of people. Welcoming in our better..improved v2 gauge holders . Thank you for your continued support

Give your beast the love it deserves tap link below to get yours now!!

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